March 5 - 7, 2020
The Luxor Hotel
Ready, Set... Go Global!

The Global DanceSport Series was Started in 2000 by 5 Pro-Am teachers running 4 events, whose sole purpose was to direct the benefits to the Pro-Am teachers and their students. The Global DanceSport Series began offering the highest Pro-Am prize money in the open divisions and starting scholarships in the bronze and silver levels, all the while keeping the package costs lower for the students. The Global events started giving Pro-Am parties in addition to the traditional Pro Party. The Mission was to ask what Pro-Am students and teachers wanted and structure events to that end.

"Raise the Bar"... and The Global has worked very hard throughout the years to do so.  Today the Global Commitment Continues The Global Group recognizes that the Pro-Am competitors are the primary reason we have some many wonderful dance competitions. The "GLOBAL MISSION" is a focus on how to better serve the Pro-Am student teacher teams. You are not just another number at a Global Event! Global events were some of the first in the country to literally "roll out the red carpet" for students and pro/am teachers. Global year end recognition for teachers and students!

  • Teachers and Students collect points at every Global Event
  • Cash, vouchers and trophies awarded at the end of the year.


Global Rules and Regulations

What is a Global Scholarship?

Each event in the Global Series has special "extra" scholarship events. These are called "Global Scholarships". In short a Global Scholarship differs from a regular scholarship in 2 ways. Higher prize money and they are always danced in "Prime Time". Over three thousand students and teachers participated in global events in 2010 and there is good reason why! IF your competition plans have not included a Global event in the past you may want to give one a try. You will probably be glad you did!

A. Participation

Participation at any one of the Global Dancesport Series events will earn you points to determine
your Overall Ranking.

Professional/Teachers competing in the series must have their NDCA dues up to date and posted on the NDCA website.

Professionals winning awards must be present at the awards presentation at the series Grand Finale.

If not, they will forfeit all winnings for themselves and their students.

Competitors winning awards must be present at the awards presentation at the series Grand Finale
or they will forfeit their awards. (Exception – Medical reasons or death in the family in writing)


There is only one official list of events, that is one on the website, if events cancel Global Dancesport Series is not responsible.

B. Honors

Individual honors will be based on accumulation of your entries, callbacks and placement points earned throughout the Series Events.

Top honors will be given at the 2014 North American-Imperial Star DanceSport Championships
held Oct 31-Nov 1 in Indianapolis, Indiana to:

  • Top 5 over all pro-am Male
  • Top 5 overall pro-am Female
  • Top 10 Teacher awards

A leader board will be used to keep the up to date status of your ranking.
This will be published monthly and viewed on this website.

C. Prizes

1. Top Teacher 2. Top Student – Prizes awarded in vouchers

D. Point Accumulation System

1. Pro/Am Teacher: Same as Found on the DanceSport Series Web Site

a. Will have an accumulating ranking system, based on points,
from the following paragraph's 2,3,4,5,6 & 7.

2. Pro Am Showcase or solos exhibitions will receive 1pt. per enter.

3. Pro Am Single or 2 Dance Entries

(Each and every recall from preliminary rounds 4 pts. Uncontested will be 1/2 point)

4. Pro/Am Adult Multi, 4 or 5 Dance Entries:

(Each and every recall from preliminary rounds 5 pts.)

5. Qualifying Team Match Points:

(Each and every recall from preliminary rounds 6 pts.)

6. For every Student that competes at a Global Spectrum Series Event and does:

  • 10 Entries Teacher and Student receives 100 Bonus Points*
  • 20 Entries Teacher and Student receives 200 Bonus Points*
  • 30 Entries Teacher and Student receives 300 Bonus Points*
  • 40 Entries Teacher and Student receives 400 Bonus Points*
  • 50 Entries Teacher and Student receives 500 Bonus Points*

7. Pre-Teens, Juniors & Youth

a. If couples or Pro/Ams pay full fees they receive same as adult entries if couples or Pro/Am's pay reduced fees they receive 1/2 point if couples or Pro/Am's pay no fees they receive no points

b. Students entered in special categories will receive half points.

8. Will have an accumulating ranking system, based on points, from one Global Spectrum event to another.

9. The Top Students

a. Will accumulate points based upon the same system as Top Teachers. These points will accumulate from one Global Spectrum event to another towards Top Awards for the year.

10. All entries must be danced at Global Spectrum events to receive points.

E. Discrepancies

Any discrepancy in scoring or point accumulation must be reported in writing no later than 30 days after the event in question to David Medeiros at If not, points will not count

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