Rules and Regulations
Official Rules
1. Restricted, Closed Categories: An invigilator will be used for all restricted categories and closed divisions,per the NDCA rulebook.
Maximum of 4 single dance levels closed, no max open singles. Max 2 ages.
2. Solo Exhibition, Cabaret & Formation: No solo exhibition is to exceed 2½ minutes (2:30).
Music must be on CD’s or thumb drive. Critique and Score will be given on Solo Exhibition Routines.
3. Pro/Am Open Senior Scholarships: Open to Pro/Am Couples in the following age categories:SR1-61+,
SR2-71+, and SR3-76+. If fewer than three couples entered in SR3, if possible, will be merged with SR2. .
4. Pro/Am One Dance Open Single Dances are offered in Int. Br, Full Br, Int Sil, Full Sil, Int Gold, and Full Gold. These will be unisex events.
5. Pro/Am RISING STAR EVENTS: Competitors must not have won previously in the level entered.
6. Pro/Am Closed Scholarships: These are unisex competitions with 6 age divisions. A minimum of 5 single dance entries must be
entered in the same style & level (4 in Smooth) in order to qualify for each scholarship entered. Students may NOT enter both Bronze &
Silver levels in the same style. Students MAY enter both the Silver & the Open scholarships in the same style. Students must
enter the scholarship level of the highest single dance entry level in a style. For example: If a student enters single dance
entries in Full Bronze and Pre-Silver they would be eligible for the Silver Scholarship NOT the Bronze Scholarship in that
style. All Pro/Am Scholarship Prize Money will automatically be awarded to the Amateur. If fewer
than 3 couples entered in any scholarships event the prize money may be reduced by ½ .
7. Open Scholarships and Dancesport Qualifiers: A (19+), B(36+), and C (51+). These are unisex competitions. A minimum of 5
single dance entries (9& 10 dance equivalent # singles) must be entered in the same style & level (4 for Smooth) in order to qualify for
each scholarship. If fewer than 3 couples entered in any scholarships event the prize money may be reduced by ½...
9. Level & Age restrictions: In CLOSED divisions of "Pro/Am Single Dance Freestyle Competitions” Pro/Am Student Dancers
may enter a maximum of four (4) consecutive skill levels. Students may compete in no more than 2 age levels. In OPEN
divisions of "Pro/Am Single Dance Freestyle Competitions” Pro/Am student dancers may enter as many levels as they wish.
Students may submit entries in completely different levels in the different dance styles. For example: American Open
Gold Foxtrot and International Beginner Bronze Foxtrot.
10. Amateur Events: Syllabus (Closed Single and Multi-Dances) Amateur Couples are restricted to syllabus material. There are no
restrictions in the Adult Amateur Pre-Novice, Novice, Pre-Champ or Championship divisions.
11. Top Teacher Awards: To qualify a teacher must submit a minimum of 75 entries. Point System: Amateur Couple entries in
Multi dance competitions do NOT count toward any Top Teacher prizes or bonuses. Student/Student Freestyle and Solo
Entries do NOT count toward Top Teacher awards however they WILL count for Top Teacher Bonus Money. All entries must
be paid in full and danced to count toward Top Teacher. Uncontested or discounted entries such as Junior & Youth will be full points.
Placement Point Table: Single or 2 Dance Entries Multi, 3, 4 or 5 Dance Entries DSS Qualifying Open Scholarships A,B,C, Srs
1st Place 8 20 30
2nd Place 7 15 20
3rd Place 6 10 15
4th Place 5 8 10
5th Place 4 6 8
6th Place 3 4 6
7th Place 2 2 4
8th Place 1 2 4
Recalls 4 5 6
12. Entry Deadline: The organizers cannot accept responsibility for accuracy of entries submitted after one week prior to the event.
13. Cancellations & Refunds: In this era of Covid, refunds will be given for any reason. If you are in attendance when you need to
cancel, a refund check will be given at the event. In other instances, a check will be issued and mailed to you within 2 weeks.
14. Registration Requirements: All Professional and Amateur competitors are required to register with the National Dance Council of America(NDCA). Register online at or contact:
NDCA NATIONAL REGISTRAR, Dawid Schulz, 3214 North University Ave, Box 406 Provo, UT 84604 TEL (801) 422-8124
  Due date is February 2, 2024. DEADLINE is February 20, 2024 – Entries submitted after the deadline will be accepted
on a space available basis, and may be subject to a $50 late fee.